God initiated Little River Baptist Fellowship in the hearts and minds of a small group of people in the summer of 2006.


Our group had left our previous church in Zebulon, NC as happens sometimes with God's people and we came together to heal and to learn to worship.


God truly opened our eyes to what REAL worship is and put on our hearts to start a new work in the Zebulon / Wendell area of East Wake County.


After meeting many months in our homes, God drew us to find a building and to establish a new fellowship for believers.  We moved into our building in May 2007.


We meet for the purpose of worshipping God.  We try to follow the truth that everything is about God.  Worship isn't just singing a few songs or listening to a sermon.  Out of our worship we expect to see the growth of fellowship, discipleship, and evangelism.  These are all acts of worship that we pursue at LRBF.

After six years of worshipping and growing and ministering to the community, God had taken many of our members into different ministry fields throughout the country and the world.  Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we left our building and began worshipping in our homes once again.  We felt that our tithes and offerings to God are better used in support of ministries than on rent.  We now meet in our homes in the Zebulon area and welcome all that God leads to worship with us.


This is our short history and who we are.  We expect to be around a long time.  We have followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and we expect that our “family” will grow as God adds to it.


We intend to continue to grow in our individual relationships with God, to know Him deeper and become a true living sacrifice in His service.  We intend to share God’s message of salvation to anyone that will listen.  We intend to disciple and mentor any that desire to learn.  We intend to share our lives and welcome into our families and homes all that choose to join us.


Our history is short but we expect our legacy to be long and glorifying to our Almighty God.  We welcome you to become part of this fellowship if God leads you our way.